We’re so excited that you’re interested in starting your pole journey with us at Iron X Fitness! Get ready to own your energy and discover your movement!

We offer a 4-week L1 Intro to Pole series which covers all the basics. You'll learn spins and transitions and get a good feel about how to move around the pole. The class runs once per week on the same day/time every week.

*No upper body strength is required! This 4-week series is for all levels, all sizes and shapes, and all genders.

 Once you graduate from the Intro series, you'll be able to move up to L2 Climbs & Sits to start climbing and sitting on the pole. 


Pole Fitness Ottawa Pole Dance Lessons Classes Beginner


Our memberships are tailored to your needs. We offer complimentary consultations for all new students which you can book below. During the complimentary consultation, we give you a studio tour, discuss your goals, needs and schedule, and recommend the best membership option for you.


*If you have prior pole experience, please contact us to request a complimentary pole assessment to see which level is best for you.


As a member of Iron X Fitness, get 10%-20% discounts with our Community Partners. Contact us for more details.

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General Preparation for Class
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing that permits freedom of movement. You'll be barefoot (for our levels classes) and in heels/socks (After Dark series). For classes requiring knee pads, you may bring your own or rent them from the studio.
  • Consistent practice is necessary to obtain maximum benefits. Remember to rest when necessary, to work at your individual level and to respect your body’s current physical and mental state.
  • It is not recommended coming to pole class on a full stomach. We recommend eating a couple hours before class time.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scented oils or lotions during class, as some people have allergies.
Respect for Iron X Fitness’s Space and Community
  • Please be on time and ready in the studio a few minutes before the start of each class. *Each class is organized with a beginning (warm-up), middle (body) and end (cool-down), all of which contribute to your experience. If you come in late to class, you not only miss a part of this experience but you will disrupt the experience for the others as well.
  • Please be considerate of other students by keeping your voice down when a class is in session or when entering or leaving the studio.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the coach if you are pregnant or have any injuries before class.
  • Please refrain from chewing gum during class.
  • You are responsible for your personal belongings; Iron X Fitness Inc. is not responsible for any lost items.
  • Please put all equipment away neatly and wipe down your yoga mat if borrowed.
  • If you tend to sweat, bring a towel to class.
  • Please support Iron X Fitness Inc.’s core values and intention of creating a non-competitive, non-judgmental, peaceful, body positive and LGBTQ+-friendly environment.