Online Beginner Certification

Our in-depth Online Beginner Pole Teacher Training (PTT) course was created to provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to safely teach Pole Dance/Fitness classes. You will be guided to improve and enhance your teaching skills as a certified Pole Teacher.  

Complete the certification course at your own pace with unlimited lifetime access! With our easy-to-use online portal system, you'll be guided through each lesson with relevant videos and written course material. A digital version of our course manual will be fully available at your convenience for referencing. You'll have access to our exclusive discussion forum to interact with the trainers and other students in the course. 

Our course is divided into 10 sections with a quiz at the end of each section:

Section 1: Diversity & Inclusivity
Section 2: History & Equipment
Section 3: Anatomy
Section 4: Physics of Pole
Section 5: Curriculum
Section 6: Cueing
Section 7: Foundations of Pole
Section 8: Class Structure
Section 9: Classroom Management & Expectations
Section 10: Legal & Liability
Final Exam: Written & Practical 

Who is this training for?

Our PTT Beginner Certification is designed for anyone who is already a Pole Teacher or an aspiring Pole Teacher.

This course can also be taken for self-growth and personal development without having to complete the written and practical exams.


We will be breaking down the movements in the course, however, we ask that you already have  knowledge on the introductory moves like basic spins, transitions, climbs and sits.

Course Key Objectives

As a Pole Teacher,

  • Learn about the importance of communication.
  • Manage classrooms in various situations.
  • Learn about diversity and inclusivity.
  • Gain an understanding about the importance of consent.
  • Create effective warm-ups, cool-downs and class lesson plans.
  • Obtain knowledge in how movements link together to form a balanced class.
  • Demonstrate injury prevention techniques.
  • Implement safe learning progressions.
  • Teach different skill levels within one class.
  • Develop the ability to assess a student’s strength, mobility, stability and flexibility to better provide them with alternative options to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Understand the physics of pole movement, muscle activation, posture analysis, joint positioning and function of the core.
  • Develop coaching skills in order to properly cue and correct students in execution of movements and technical form.
  • Understand your responsibilities.
  • Safety is our #1 priority!


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