Own Your Energy!

Iron X Fitness is all about finding your power. Regardless of where your fitness journey begins, building on strong foundations of knowledge and community support will help you to own your energy through movement and grow in a healthy way.



At Iron X Fitness, we work together. We provide you with a 5-star premium service to nurture our bodies and minds to overcome life's challenges. We strongly believe that focusing on movement, holistic wellness, self-care and injury prevention will help us live a balanced and stress-free lifestyle. 


The feeling you get when you walk through our doors is unmistakable. Iron X Fitness has grown into a dynamic and vibrant space where people at all stages in their fitness journeys gather to sweat and to grow. Creating a community that is as strong as our bodies and minds is key when it comes to our wellness journeys. You will experience a welcoming, judgment-free, and exceptionally clean environment allowing you to feel confident, comfortable and empowered.


Own your movement. Whether your style is athletic or sensual, we focus on controlling your movement and finding your grace! At Iron X Fitness, our certified coaches teach cutting edge practices in small, personalized classes. You'll not only get a great workout, you'll learn to become more independent along your journey. 


Pole Fitness 
After Dark Series: Flirty Pole & Flirty Floor
Yoga Tune Up®
Be Flexy


Registered Massage Therapy
Private/Personal Training
and more!

Why Iron X Fitness Ottawa?

  • Positive and non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Certified Pole and Fitness Coaches
  • Smaller class sizes providing more personal attention from your Coaches
  • Clean change rooms with showers and towel service
  • Easy access from HWY 417 (Bronson exit)
  • Accessible by OC Transpo Bus #4 and #101
  • Free 2 hour street parking, free unlimited parking after 5:00 pm and weekends all day
  • LGBTQ+ friendly.



Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Group Fitness, Pole Fitness Dancing at Iron X Fitness in Ottawa

Karolyne LaFortune
Boss Lady / Pole + Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer 

Karolyne was never a gym-goer, but she stayed active through yoga, dance, pole fitness and aerial arts. Her experience working with professional athletes, the Ottawa RedBlacks and Fury FC, and her love for all aspects of movement lead her to found Iron X Fitness based on the philosophy that blending variety with personal growth (and fun!) keeps a body balanced and free of injuries.

Karolyne has been performing dance and music from a very young age and has competed in several pole fitness competitions. She placed 2nd in Aerial Hoop at the Toronto Pro Supershow 2016.

Please visit www.karolynelafortune.ca for more details on Karolyne's music. 


Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Group Fitness, Pole Fitness Dancing at Iron X Fitness in Ottawa 

Andreana Petrocco
Assistant Manager / Pole + Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer 

Andreana has always been passionate about fitness and enjoying an active lifestyle. Now, as a Pole and Fitness Coach, and Personal Trainer, she loves sharing her passion with others and helping people learn about movement to improve their lifestyles. Andreana enjoys all types of movement, including dance, yoga, strength training, running, and anything she hasn’t tried yet! She takes an integrative approach to fitness using her diverse background and enthusiasm for learning.




Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Group Fitness, Pole Fitness Dancing at Iron X Fitness in Ottawa

Marie Roberts
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) 

Marie graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College and became registered in the summer of 2016. Since then, she has been the Registered Massage Therapist at Iron X Fitness. She has experience in many styles of therapeutic massage, including relaxation, hot stone, deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

Marie is a lover of learning. Not only is she constantly looking to expand her skills as a Registered Massage Therapist, she is also currently completing her Nursing Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Ottawa.

Being a part of such a fun and energetic team has been both refreshing and rewarding and Marie has
enjoyed being part of the Iron X Fitness community.


Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Group Fitness, Pole Fitness Dancing at Iron X Fitness in Ottawa

Corina Hernandez-Muñoz
Pole Coach / After Dark Series  

Born in Winnipeg, MB, Corina has trained and taught at various studios across Canada and the UK. Corina discovered pole accompanying her mother. An award-winning pole dance champion Corina received first place at the Pole2Pole Amateur & Professional Cup 2015 Essex Heat and 3rd place at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships in 2014 Amateur division. 

Corina is the creator of the After Dark Series: Flirty Pole and Flirty Floor. Understanding that pole is more than just fitness, Corina's classes encourage you to let loose, have fun and feel sexy!