It's all about balance!

At Iron X Fitness, our main focus is to help you build a strong, natural, healthy body and mind by focusing on Movement, Holistic Wellness, Self-Care and Injury Prevention. Incorporating these practices into your lifestyle leads to a balanced and healthy living.

Iron X Fitness is not your typical gym. Exceptionally clean and welcoming, we are all about body positivity. We have a very supportive and strong community to make you feel comfortable, confident and empowered. 

We offer a variety of gender neutral fitness classes and wellness services which include Group Fitness (Be Flexy, Kettlebell, Yoga, WOD, Flirty Floor and HardCORE) and Pole Fitness classes (from Intro to Expert), as well as Personal Training, Registered Massage Therapy and Holistic Nutrition. 

Everyone is welcome. LGBTQ+ friendly.

Why Iron X Fitness Ottawa?

  • Positive and non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Certified instructors and trainers
  • Smaller class sizes providing more personal attention from your instructors
  • Clean change rooms and showers with towel service
  • Easy access from HWY 417 (Bronson exit)
  • Accessible by OC Transpo Bus #4 and #101
  • Free 2 hour street parking, free unlimited parking after 5:00 pm and weekends all day

Mission Statement:

To provide the community with a modern approach to fitness and wellness that prepares our bodies and minds to overcome life's challenges.

Our Team

Karolyne LaFortune
President / Instructor / Personal Trainer

At a very young age, Karolyne started with dance, gymnastics and jiu-jitsu. She was never a gym-goer but stayed active with yoga, dance, pole fitness and aerial arts. Karolyne has competed in several pole competitions and placed 2nd in aerial hoop at the Toronto Pro Supershow 2016.

Karolyne had the opportunity to work with the Ottawa RedBlacks and the Fury FC as a recovery and mobility assistant. Working with professional athletes expanded her knowledge for mobility, training and periodization. 
She loves all aspects of movement and believes that blending different activities keeps her body balanced and free of injuries. 

Karolyne is also a professional musician. Visit for more details.



Assistant Manager / Pole + Fitness Instructor

 After graduating university and working for 2 years in the government, Andreana took a leap and decided to follow her passion. Now, she is back at school studying fitness and health and recently became a pole fitness instructor. Andreana has been doing pole fitness since 2012, and is thrilled she can share her passion for the sport through teaching. When she isn't practicing pole or instructing, Andreana loves to play tennis, do yoga, go for walks and hikes with her dog, try new activities, learn new things and be outdoors.



Registered Holistic Nutritioninst (RHN) / Yoga Teacher

Initially drawn to yoga purely as a form of exercise, Shannon quickly recognized the abundance of other benefits this practice brought into her life.

 Yoga provides her with an outlet to express herself creatively and this shines through in her classes. Shannon enjoys a playful practice where we have the opportunity to sweat, move with purpose and awareness and challenge our personal boundaries.


Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) / Pole Instructor

 When Marie was introduced to pole fitness in 2012, it was love at first sight. Soon, she was performing advanced tricks, tumbles and flips at places all over town.

You will often find her working on new routines as she prepares for her newest love: pole competitions. Not only is Marie a pole fanatic, she is also the house RMT, who has experience in relaxation as well as therapeutic, sport and scar massage.




 Yoga Teacher

 After eight years of yoga practice, during the summer of 2014, Christine decided to become a teacher, training under Louise Cameron. She then spent the next two years teaching and developing a yoga program for musicians at the University of Ottawa, where she studied classical voice.

Christine has a passion for both yoga and music. Together, they have shaped who she is as a person and as a teacher. Deep breathing, strength and healing are at the core of her classes. Do you like to feel challenged? Do you want to get rid of unneeded physical and emotional tension and have fun doing it? If so, you’ll love Christine’s classes.


Pole / After Dark Series Instructor 

Born in Winnipeg, MB, Corina has trained and taught at various studios across Canada and the UK. Corina discovered pole accompanying her mother. An award-winning pole dance champion Corina received first place at the Pole2Pole Amateur & Professional Cup 2015 Essex Heat and 3rd place at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships in 2014 Amateur division. 

Corina now specializes in Pole Flow and Flirty Floorwork, focusing on the empowerment pole has to offer and encouraging women to love and accept their body - she herself is only 4'10! Understanding that pole is more than just fitness, Corina's classes encourage you to let loose, have fun and feel sexy!