Pole Level Series

L1 Intro to Pole - 4 weeks: If you are new to the world of pole, these classes will give you the basics and provide a solid and safe foundation on which you can build. You will learn spins, transitions and dance and floor moves which tighten and tone your body.

L2 Climbs & Sits - 8 weeks: Now, you've built your strength and learned some basic spins and transitions. It's time for the fun part! In this 8-week series, you will learn how to climb and sit on the pole along with some other spins and transitions.

*Prerequisite: Intro to Pole 4-week series (or equivalent)

L3 Invert Prep - 8 weeks: Life is better upside-down! It’s now time to see the world from a whole new perspective in this 8-week series! Learn to invert safely with your new core strength.

*Prerequisite: Climbs & Sits (or equivalent)

L4 Inverted Tricks I - 8 weeks: After learning to invert and with your confidence rising in an upside-down world, we turn to learning new shapes and poses upside-down, sideways and up in the air! These new moves will take some work, but give it time and you will master all the skills you will need to move up to Inverted Tricks II.

*Prerequisite: Invert Prep (or equivalent)

L5 Inverted Tricks II - 8 weeks: As you get stronger, more flexible and gain more confidence being upside-down, we build on the skills from previous levels and work on achieving more gravity-defying tricks!

*Prerequisite: Inverted Tricks I (or equivalent)

L6 Ayeshas & Handsprings - 8 weeks: This series will provide you with safe and effective methods to build a solid foundation to master all your different grip Ayeshas and Handsprings. Mobility drills and conditioning will be included in this program.

*Prerequisite: Inverted Tricks II (or equivalent)

L7 Pole Advanced - 4 weeks: Take it to the next level with more pole tricks that will help you stay more aerial on the pole for a longer period of time. Tricks will be evolving your skills to the next acrobatic level. You will also concentrate on technique and smoothing out your transitions between moves so you can present a stunningly beautiful routine. 

*Prerequisite: Ayeshas and Handsprings (or equivalent)

L8 Pole Expert - 4 weeks: Advanced tricks, spins, tumbles, drops—it’s all part of the fun! Learn the moves that really WOW the crowd! Focus on your technical skills and polish your execution of movements for a smooth finish.

*Prerequisite: Pole Advanced (or equivalent)

Specialty Pole Series

Pole Combos - 4 weeks: You will learn to link moves together to create beautiful combos and build stamina while staying up on the pole.

*Prerequisite: Inverted Tricks I (or equivalent)

Lyrical Pole - 4 weeks: In this all-level series, graceful transitions will be broken down and you will be given time to practice each sequence before putting everything together to create a lyrical routine. This is a great opportunity to explore how to move around the pole graciously, and to practice musicality and express emotion while dancing. 

*Prerequisite: Intro to Pole 4-week series
*Bring knee pads and a cute/flowy outfit! (shorts not required)

After Dark Series

Flirty Pole - 4 weeks: With low lights and high energy, our Flirty Pole class, part of our After Dark Series, will take your pole experience to the next level. Learn a new routine each week focusing on sensual movement, transitions and embracing your own individual pole style. This class focuses on empowerment and discovering how your body wants to work the pole.

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole - 4 week series (or equivalent)

Flirty Floor - 4 weeks: An all-levels 4-week series is part of our After Dark Series, this series focuses on letting loose and embracing your sensual style. Your coach will teach you a step-by-step choreography involving a variety of floor tricks. No dance experience required. Side effects may include increased self-esteem, empowerment and feeling sexy AF.

Bring knee pads, high heels, an open mind and a positive attitude.

Floor Tricks - 4 weeks: In this all-levels drop-in class, you will learn everything from a basic shoulder roll to a fish flop. Perfect those skills to add to any choreo and get down with the floor.

Knee pads and leggings required.

Series of the Month - 4 weeks: We introduce a different theme each month: Low Flow, Chair Dance, Lap Dance, and many more! 

*Prerequisite for Pole Series: Intro to Pole 4 Week Series (or equivalent)

Spin Pole Series

Spin Pole Beginner - 4 weeks: It’s time to get dizzy! No spin pole experience required! You will cover the basics of spin pole and while these classes will incorporate some of the same moves you may have learned on the static pole, you will also learn some fun spin-specific moves.

*Prerequisite: Climbs and Sits Series (or equivalent)

Spin Pole Int/Adv - 4 weeks: Learn how to control your movements so you feel like you’re flying! You will cover more spin-specific tricks, transitions and combos.

*Prerequisite: Inverted Tricks (or equivalent)

Spin Pole Choreo - 4 weeks: No spin pole experience required! You will learn some fun spin-specific moves and put them all in a choreographed routine, developed week to week.

Prerequisites: Intro to Pole (or equivalent)

Spin Pole Heels - 4 weeks: Looking for more reasons to wear your beautiful high heels? Or maybe a good excuse to invest in a pair? Look no further! Spin Pole in Heels will test your balance in more ways than one! No spin pole experience required. This class incorporates the basics of spin pole, some of the same moves you may have learned on static pole, some fun spin-specific moves, all in a flow that'll have you clacking and banging those heels!

*Prerequisite: Climbs and Sits Series (or equivalent)

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop Basics - 4 weeks: If you are new to the world of aerials, this 4-week series is for you! You will learn moves below and in the hoop, different ways to enter and exit the hoop PLUS strength and conditioning exercises to help you improve on your skills.

Aerial Hoop Beg/Int - 4 weeks: Now that you know how to enter and exit the hoop safely, learn to create combos from the bottom to the top bar and play around with the spinning hoop.

*Prerequisite: Aerial Hoop Basics (or equivalent)

Fitness Classes

Power Pole - drop-in: Power up with us during this all-levels high-intensity strength and conditioning class! Build your strength, stamina and coordination through pole specific strengthening exercises. We guarantee you will become strong AF with this class.

*All levels

Kettlebell - drop-in: Kettlebell focuses on full body integration and core stabilization. You will learn proper technique and form to be able to perform exercises correctly and Kettlebell-specific movements like Kettlebell Swings, Clean, Press, Snatch, Turkish Get Up and Windmill. 

*All levels 

Be Flexy - 4 weeks: Stretch, strengthen and mobilize your entire body! You will learn mobility and dynamic stretching techniques for injury prevention and more specifically those that will help you increase joint range of motion combining corrective exercises, Yoga Tune Up® balls for self-massage and breathwork.

*All levels

#BootyGainz - 4 weeks: Learn how to create strong, shapely, and functional glutes. Glutes aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, they are your body’s largest muscle! Meaning they have a huge impact on posture, injury prevention, and athletic performance. Optimize your glute function through techniques utilizing bands for specific glute activation and other specific exercises and nutrition tips to insure maximal glute growth.

*All levels


Core Overflow - 4 weeks: Utilize full body integrative movements to accelerate your pole practice. Core strength and flowing through body weight exercises are essential to pole performance.

*All levels