What Does Fitness Mean To You?

When you think of fitness, what does that mean to you? Having a 6-pack? Being skinny and in love with kale? Lifting heavy? It can be different for everyone. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

There’s so much more to fitness than looking fit. One important aspect is being able to move in your body injury-free with full range of motion; supple yet strong. 

Shoulders are healthiest when mobile and hips are healthiest when strong. I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes in the past where all we worked on was opening the hips. It felt good during but afterwards, my pelvis was losing stability. If we constantly want to open our hips and never strengthen them, this can cause discrepancies and affect our gait (walking stride), balance, and create injuries in more intense movements. It’s important to work with a neutral spine, activated core and glutes.

I noticed a huge difference once I started strengthening and stretching all the muscles surrounding my hips and shoulders in our Be Flexy classes. My daily life activities like getting in/out of the car, carrying groceries and even cleaning became easier and my pole, yoga and kettlebell practice improved because my hips are more stable and my shoulders are more mobile. 

Repetitive stress injuries can occur by always training with bad form and repeating those movements over and over again. We’re adding fitness to dysfunction.

We can build resiliency in training with bad form but we need to focus on mastering the good before the bad and the ugly.

Dr. Kelly Starrett's Being a Supple Leopard teaches us proper movement mechanics in a squat, push-up and more to optimize your movements and live pain-free in the long run. I highly recommend the read!



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