What Can You Do With Kale?
It's important to listen to our bodies and give in to those healthy cravings too!

Lately all I want is...kale?!

I've never really CRAVED it before but I have been all week. Cravings always mean something. Our bodies have a way of telling us what they need.

Kale is high in so many nutrients (especially vitamin K!) and is good for so many things from immune support to inflammation to digestion to cardiovascular and eye health! And so much more!

There are many different types of kale out there but I've been particularly craving the well-known curly variety that you often see in the supermarket.

I've steamed it, sautéed it, made kale chips, added it to chill and other stews and put it in my smoothies. Kale chips are a great little salty snack you can opt for instead of eating that bag of cheezies Here's a recipe for kale chips.http://ohsheglows.com/…/6-tips-for-flawless-kale-chips-all…/

I made some today and literally just put sea salt and nutritional yeast on them so don't feel like you need to put 100 ingredients on them

Written by in-house Holistic Nutritionist, Courtenay Hickman



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