#ShitIronXersSay: Member of the Season - Sam Rochon
Iron X Fitness has awarded Sam Rochon as the new member of the season because of his dedication to improving his movement technique and working on it weekly with our coaches' help. Sam has participated in all of the classes we offer and has also attended many of our workshops! He has a great energy and spirit and we love having him around!
Here's what he says:
Hi I'm Sam, born and raised in Ottawa with my older and younger brother by my awesome loving parents. 
I love playing video games and hanging out on the internet.
Also, Hip-Hop! The music, style, energy, community, a lot of very special things and people come together to show off and teach some jaw-dropping skills.
So I'm learning to breakdance or 'bboy/bgirl"", and very happy to share what I know and practice with anyone interested!


What brought you to Iron X Fitness?
At first because it's very nearby to me so it's hard to excuse missing a workout. Many more reasons to stick around though!


What are your favourite moves?
Favourite moves to witness come unexpected with a combination of strength, flexibility, musicality and originality. To perform, I'm liking when I land a decent handstand freeze.


What is your pet peeve?
Those persistent injuries and recovery time.


Do you play an instrument?
Kind of, I like to mess around as a bedroom DJ mixing and scratching.


What is your favourite movie?
I'm not sure... today I'll say a fun adventure like the The Curse of the Black Pearl.


What is your favourite food?
Pub fare! French fries, onion rings, wings, mozz sticks... damn.


Who is your celebrity crush?
Kate Micucci is too adorable.


What is your favourite season?


What is one thing you love about yourself?
I'm ready willing and able to try and learn a little every day!


If you could live anywhere in the world, where?
Probably Ottawa still, just in a cool house with a yard and secret passages and stuff.


Who do you look up to?
Big respect to everyone making their way in the world and helping others do the same! Shout out to content creators and bboys. And my Mom and Dad.


If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
Assuming my wishes aren't cursed in any way they'd probably go something like:
1. The earth is a Utopia for all with no unnecessary suffering.
2. I have the knowledge, talent, and drive to turn all my ideas into reality.
3. Guaranteed health and safety for myself, friends and family. 
Cheers everyone, see you at Iron X Fitness!