#ShitIronXersSay: Member of the Season Gerry

Iron X Fitness awarded Member of the Season to Gerry Welsh on May 5th at the Lockdown Showcase. Here's what he has to say:

During the past half-century or so I've dabbled on and off with martial arts (mostly judo) exercises, cycling and running. During the past three years I've been poling at one studio in town and will continue to do so.

However, I discovered in 2016 another fitness studio in Ottawa called Iron X Fitness. I found this studio and staff very open, welcoming and so willing to add their personal touch with extra time and effort on your behalf. I experience this with both studios in Ottawa. They're all amazing. But - Iron X Fitness also offers different and exciting workshops to my liking. So far - I've had so much fun with a Makeup Workshop, a Burlesque Workshop and to date two Magic Mike Workshops. I enjoy the Expert pole fitness classes along with the Pole Flow and Flirty Floor classes. If that's not enough, I sometimes join others for yoga classes as well.

What excites me a lot are the Mud Hero and Spartan challenges in Ottawa. I'm a long distance runner and when Iron X Fitness invites us to participate in these challenges as a team - I'm totally in it. I love this stuff. I underwent many small and not so small injuries during my life and by coming to Iron X Fitness... I have additional opportunities to recover and mend from these daunting and painful reminders that will forever stay with me. I have thoughtful and qualified instructors watching me very closely. Of course I take care of myself most of the time but it's gratifying to see Iron X Fitness staff also paying close attention to my needs. While I enjoy my very active lifestyle I easily fall victim to being lazy and nonchalant. The Iron X Fitness staff will remind me to get moving and do it. I'm a brat and love to stir things a little bit (all in fun). But - having instructors ignoring my tactics and firmly and lovingly pushing me to excel is damn cool. I love it. I'm so happy to have many smart instructors from everywhere in my life (all women) challenging me while ingeniously navigating around my smart ass attitude. I can't help it - it's in my DNA. If they don't mind putting up with me - I'll be back. Way to go Iron X Fitness!

Current Level:

Who knows. I have been poling 3.5 years

Favourite Move:

If I can do it - it's automatically my favourite move.

Nemesis Move:

All moves become automatically my nemesis move after learning to do it in the beginning. Any class where I can move without damaging myself becomes my favourite class.

Song That Gets Me Moving:

This week, my favourite song is Bad To The Bone.

Shoes or barefoot?

I like both barefoot and shoes - however, there's something very sexy about heels - I discovered.

Favourite Style of Dance:

Anything that gets my carcass up and going and yet I'm really liking the Flirty Floor stuff.

When I'm not at Iron X Fitness:

I run or crash at home to nap. I can't live without junk food, running and poling - however, I'm beginning to think doing kinky stuff is addictive.

My Advice for New Polers:

People starting pole must listen to their heart and soul and use pole as a way to express themselves and feel good. Take it easy and slow - you don't want to kill yourself and hate pole without giving it a chance. It's frigging amazing!