Lifestyle Tip #1 Make Sleep a Priority

This week we will be focusing on lifestyle tips and tricks. Health and wellness does not exist without addressing lifestyle. I’m talking about happiness, creativity, feeling rested, reducing stress, being active, ...AKA SELF CARE! Doing stuff for YOU. 
I know how easy it is to let life take the reins and forget about what makes US FEEL GOOD. We can’t talk about healthy lifestyle choices without SLEEP! If we don’t feel rested there’s no way we can be our best. And sleep is sooo important. It’s our bodies time to renew and restore for the next day. 

A big part of sleep hygiene is prioritizing sleep. It’s so important so let’s try and make it a priority most of the time. Here are a few bedtime routine tips to help your body ease into a most restful sleep: -Turn down the lights at least a half hour before bedtime to prepare your body for sleep as it is a cue for bedtime, kind of like a soothing pre-sleep routine; -Have a shower or bath before bed as raising your temperature can help your body transition into a more restful sleep; -Darkness. 

This is so important as stimulation from surrounding light can affect your body’s melatonin production. Eliminate as much light as possible and consider using a sleep mask; -Read a book and refrain from using electronics at least a half hour before bed, including phones, computers and television. The blue light emitted by these devices actually interferes with sleep by suppressing the melatonin hormone in your body. This hormone lets your brain know it’s time to go to sleep! We all know sometimes it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good nights’ sleep because of sooo many factors! But having a solid routine most of the time will make a huge difference. And for goodness sake, catch a nap sometimes if you can!


Written by: Courtenay Hickman, Iron X Fitness Holistic Nutritionist



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