Feedback from our 14 Day Sugar Reset Challenge

After completing the 14 Day Sugar Reset Challenge, we have had amazing feedback! Looking forward to the next one coming up soon! Stay Tuned.

Lori Miller Treat says:

Let me say first that both Courtenay and Shannon should be commended on a job well done! Applause and standing ovation! The support and encouragement you provided were above and beyond!

With that said, I am a 54-year old menopausal woman with a crazy, hectic schedule who turned vegan about 3 years ago. I work full time, study Clinical Pet Nutrition and herbal/holistic remedies, often having to attend webinars/seminars, submit pages of homework, and oversee “The Dog Dish” page here on Facebook and Instagram.

For whatever reason, I have not respected the same protocol that I follow for my dogs/cats with myself. Even though I reach for herbal remedies for support/sickness for my family and fur babies, I found myself often turning to a sugar-filled granola bar for a boost of energy or a cup of coffee with sweetened creamer.

When Courtenay’s mom shared this page, I read through it, saw the phrase “balance your hormones,” and jumped at the opportunity to perhaps learn what it is that I am doing wrong…… and there it was…… sugar. I always knew that processed sugar was not good for the body, but like most I ignored that fact.

This group has taught me alternative ways of providing energy for my body and although veganism has guided me to a plant-based diet, I now have more knowledge to power myself…….mind, body, spirit…..and I look forward to guiding myself even further with the information that was provided by this group.

Thank you for teaching me to look for processed sugar even more than what I did beforehand. I have always read labels, but now find myself looking for concealed words. My basic rule of thumb that I share on The Dog Dish page has always been if I can’t pronounce it, I won’t be feeding it to my pets. Now I am taking that awareness more seriously for myself. Thank you!

P.S. As an added bonus, I lost 4 pounds and my hot flashes have been reduced significantly! I feel like a new woman!


Jessie McMichael says:

First off, I just want to say thank you so much for putting this program together. I was really nervous going into it but was so surprised with how much FUN it was!

Having a grocery list and meal plan made it no hassle. It actually brought us together as a family. We cooked and enjoyed all our meals together instead of wandering around the grocery store aimlessly and scrambling to make something with what we have in the fridge AND there was no wasted food. The recipes were all good and many were deeeliscious (beef stew, pork, blueberry protein pancakes etc.) and will remain in our family’s rotation for sure!

I learned a lot!! A lot about eating healthier in general and making informed choices and a lot about myself! Here’s a couple examples:

1) My cravings are habitual 🙌 I honestly thought I was a junk food addict. I eat somewhat healthy but have a “treat” every single night. Just knowing I couldn’t have junk food made me quickly realize I didn’t miss it at all.

2) After a couple days of following the program my cravings were for healthy things I forgot or never knew I liked! I’m now craving apples and nut butter all of the time! 🍎

3) Eating these meals left me feeling satisfied for a way longer time.

4) I was living with guilt. Every day I was feeling bad about myself for making bad decisions with food and sometimes not even realizing it. Being guilt free for 2 weeks was empowering!

5) I’m capable of this and ya know what the crazy thing is... with some planning it’s not even that hard. Who knew!

Overall I’m really proud of myself and of my partner Sam for doing this with me. This has impacted my life and my family’s going forward in such a positive way.

Thanks Courtenay and Shannon! We can’t wait for the next one!



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