Coach Spotlight: Christina
We want to welcome Christina to our team as a new coach. She will be teaching Pole on Mondays.
Christina started pole during university as a creative way to build strength and flexibility. It only took one class to know she was hooked forever!
Christina is known for her strength based moves and creative combinations, but she also loves to flow it out to lyrical or contemporary songs (although she is beginning to dabble in heels too!).
She is known as an energizer bunny to her students, and you better believe she'll make you work hard in class! She loves watching progression in her students and seeing their confidence grow, and she will be just as excited for her students as they are when they nail a pole move!
We decided to ask her a few questions so you can get to know her better!


What is your favourite food?

Chocolate Cake
What got you into pole?
My love of dance


What are your favourite pole moves?
Any and all things shouldermount & Ayesha


What is your pet peeve?

Slow walkers


What is your favourite movie?
Anything with Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep


Who is your celebrity crush?
Ryan Reynolds


Who is your favourite pole star?
Heidi Coker & Michelle Mischka (@mischkapoledancer)
What is one thing you love about yourself?
My Strength! I owe it all to pole <3 


Do you play an instrument?
I can tap dance, which is like an instrument played with your feet, right??
If you could live anywhere in the world, where?
What's your favourite thing about teaching?
I love inspiring and helping students to find their own style, and to achieve their pole goals. There is nothing more fulfilling as an instructor than a student's excitement from nailing a simple static spin or handspringing for the first time.
Who do you look up to?
All the strong & independent women in my life


If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
3 wishes in any context is so broad and overwhelming!
Instead, these are my 3 pole wishes:
(1) To never be injured.
(2) To travel the world and train with all the pole superstarzzz.
(3) To be flexible enough to do a rainbow marchenko.


What is your favourite season?
Summer 100%


Besides Pole, what do you love doing?
Travelling, playing soccer & Ultimate Frisbee, spending time with family & friends, and dancing around in my kitchen to disco music.